Month: February 2017

Stacking to create stripes

Fused glass pendants from stacked glass

With the addition of the ring saw to my studio, I have been experimenting with a stacking technique to create striped pieces.  I start by stacking together a small pile of scrap glass pieces that are approximately the same size and shape. This stack is then tack fused together, this allows the pieces to stick together without changing shape.  The ring saw is then used to cut slices out of the stack crosswise. The slices are then heated to a full fuse (1500+ degrees F) at this high temperature the glass will flow until it becomes about 1/4 inch thick. After some edge cleanup work, the pieces are then ready for a third trip in the kiln for a fire polish and annealing cycle.  The pieces in the photo are the results of my first three stacks. All they need now are the findings and they will be in my inventory.